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We exist to guide soldiers and veterans into hope and freedom on the frontlines of the soldier-veteran suicide crises.

The Solution

As a USMC combat-promoted veteran (Desert Storm-Kuwait), I have seen the horrors of war and have a service-connected disability. I have always been a combat veteran but have never been a part of the veteran community. Writing my book and especially stepping into filming The Guide video series for Every Man ignited something in me to serve the warrior community and help combat the suicide epidemic amongst my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Here is how The Guide Soldier Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit organization) will confront the problem on multiple fronts:

1. Military Base and Veterans Organizations Outreaches -

As a BRT (Be Resilient Training) certified instructor, I will discuss processing tramua (MTBI, PTSD & Moral Injury) as every soldier/vet has experienced or will experience some tramua. Strong core values and a moral compass are proven to assist and speed recovery in processing trauma. I will provide biblical guidance and my perspective to aid prevention and education. Using personal stories, my powerful testimony, and God’s transforming word. I will call soldiers and veterans to surrender their pain, suffering, and struggle to the Lord by receiving the only true hope on this side of heaven. I will work with chaplains nationwide on bases to set up speaking engagements with current active-duty personnel. Concurrently I will work with veteran organizations like Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion (VFW), Marine Corps League, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and United Service Organizations (USO) to speak at their meetings. I will also work with churches in the areas I visit to speak to men all over the country.






2. The book The Guide – Survival, Warfighting, Peacemaking - 

Is one of the greatest tools we will have to help warriors realize that they are worthy of God’s love. My book will be released on May 9th, 2023! We will work with base chaplains and veteran organizations to have the book available to any warrior that wants it.


3. Internet and Social Media Awareness –

The Guide 5-Part Video Series on the Every Man Ministries platform is live CLICK HERE TO WATCH. It is another powerful tool to connect directly with active-duty and veteran personnel worldwide to provide hope.


4. Partner with key ministries, veteran’s organizations, and groups –

Kenny Luck and Every Man Ministries, Damon Friedman and SOF Missions, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Snowball Express (Kids who lost a parent in combat), The Wounded Warrior Project, American Soldier Network, Military Chaplin Association (MCA), Association of Related Churches and many others.


5. Provide counsel, direction, and ongoing support to warriors connected through our solutions.

With every personal connection we have through our multiple tools, build a database of warriors I will connect with monthly and be an advocate for. I want to equip the healthy and give hope to the struggling. For those that need more attention and care, I will use my relationship with SOF Missions and help fund the most urgent cases to their week-long Be Resilient Clinics (I will participate in one in early February 2023).

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