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Why Does It Feel Like We Are Living In A Psyop...

They say the economy is strong, but we have had negative growth for 2 quarters in a row. Then I buy groceries and essentials, and I easily pay 1/3 more than 2 years ago. Inflation is at a 40-year high.

They say the border is secure, but 2.7 million crossings and 600K got-aways in 2022 / 1.7 million crossings, and 389K got-aways in 2021 say something different. It is the highest ever recorded, and they bus and fly immigrants all over the country on our tax dollars. We cannot have open borders and be a welfare state; it is unsustainable.

They say gas was $5.00 when Biden took office, but it was at $2.39. Gas is at a 40-year high! In California, gas prices are even higher. Everyone knows it's a lie, I don't need a receipt for this one but here is one anyway.

They say our foreign policy is wise, but we pulled our base in Afghanistan before our citizens and had to send in troops, and then 13 Marines died.

They say we have strong diplomacy, but Russia invaded Ukraine, Europe and Asia are at Defcon 2 RIGHT NOW (Defense Readiness Condition for Nuclear War). We were there in February 2022 for only the 3rd time in our history. Do I need to remind you that Defcon 1 is a nuclear war?

They say criminals deserve a break, and we should defund the police, but crime and murder have risen in every major city, and the US crime rate is the highest in 25 years.

They say states are discriminating against trans people, but states are wanting to pass laws so CHILDREN under 18 can't get their genitalia surgically removed.

They say conservatives are a threat to democracy, but there is only one side that is censoring and banning speech, weaponizing the DOJ/FBI for political purposes, promoting mandates, rejecting capitalism, embracing Marxist /socialist ideology, and genuinely acting like authoritarian, totalitarian fascists when they don't get their way. It's the side that dreams about packing the courts and abolishing the elector college; they are the actual threat to democracy!

Yes, the ideology of the left is totally fascist. I want limited government, free markets, personal responsibility, freedom of speech, and individual liberty. These basic tenets are the exact opposite of fascism. They are entirely opposed to fascism, and those ideas don't exist in a fascist government. It's the left that argues for bigger government, higher taxes, more government spending, censorship, a growing welfare state, mandates and more government control of production. These ideas are wholly aligned with fascism and the true threat to our democracy.

They say the media is partial, but almost every mainstream news outlet and paper paints conservative candidates in a negative light and prop up and endorses the liberal left candidates. They rarely paint the liberal left in a negative light unless they do something atrocious. Step back and think, why is that?

They say it's Putin and conservative's fault for all of this, but for the past 2 years, democrats have written policy, passed stimulus, signed executive orders, canceled executive orders, created bureaucracy, and are in charge. Stop blaming everyone else.

So, I ask you, are we better off than we were 2 years ago? Has there ever been a faster self-inflicted decline? Elections have consequences, and we are paying a heavy price for the last one.

They said the adults are back in the room after our last election, but what has happened so quickly is proof they are incompetent.

They say democrats have a chance to win in the mid-terms, but because of the above and all their constant lies and gaslighting, I don't think it's going to go their way.

Please make sure you vote!

Blessings to you, and never forget that God loves you, and so do I!

Greg Munck

Pastor, USMC Combat Promoted Veteran, and Author

The liberal left gaslighting is just like the book and movie 1984!
u/R0UGEofV01D created this 1984 inspired background.


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